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What is Heather Passionate About?

Friendly Circle

Responsible Growth

We can't deny the fact that Delaware is growing. With the growth within the city, our schools are also growing. More students are attending Delaware City Schools now more than ever. We need to plan for the "now" of growth in our schools as well as the continued development of our city in the next few years. Our students and staff need to be supported as our district continues to grow and plans need to be made to support the growth of our city. 


At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the state of Ohio, cut school funding. Over $800 million dollars were cut from spending to offset the pandemic. As Delaware has continued to grow, the city of Delaware has also offered TIF's to developers that has taken away much needed money from our city schools. I promise to work with the State of Ohio and the City of Delaware to increase our school funding so the tax burden isn't put back on the citizens of Delaware. 



Our students and staff deserve to feel safe, both physically and mentally. Our children  and staff should be able to attend school without worrying about being shot.  Also our students in the city of Delaware are diverse. I promise to work towards making sure all students, no matter race, gender, sexual orientation, or ability, have a voice in our schools. The intersectionality of our students is important, and this intersectionality needs to be acknowledge so our students can succeed and be successful each and every day.

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